Coaching & Programming

Online Coaching

- Are you an athlete training with a group looking for supplemental training?
- Are you an athlete in need of complete program development?
- Do you want to make a run at the CrossFit Games or other sport competition?

PSC can help maximize both your efforts and returns by targeting your needs and creating a balanced and progressive performance program.  By combining the proven method of progressive training blocks along with online interaction (video, email, chat), we can get you where you want to be.

There are a number of options available, ranging from providing basic one-component training programs all the way up to full program coaching.

Partial Program Design Options

Perfect for the athlete already engaged in group training but is looking to supplement their training with some targeted work.

  • Initial Consult - $25.  This initial meeting (face to face or over the phone) will set you up for success by ensuring you get the program that you need.

  • Base Program - $150 - A 6 week block of training focused on filling gaps in your training (General Strength, Olympic Weightlifting, Conditioning) with basic advice on how to structure the rest of your weekly training.  In addition, you will receive .5 hours of email/online support each week.

CONTACT US to get started with Partial Program Design

Complete Training Systems

The following options provide full training support programming (strength, conditioning/metcon, technique, and contest prep) for competitive crossfit athletes. 

Elite Taining Group 

This option is for athletes who are looking to maximize their performance abilities through training targeted to their exact needs.  through anlyzing an athlete's strengths and weaknesses, past competitive results, and a multitude of other factors, the ETG training programs lay out a progressive path towards optimal performance on GAME DAY.
  • Elite Training Group - includes ongoing testing and evaluation, goal setting, progress charts, up to 1 hour per week of online coaching (or in person if local), and video analysis.  General strength training, Olympic Weightlifting, Sports Specific training, and Comprehensive Conditioning are all included.  $250 per month, 4 month minimum.   CURRENTLY FULL
Competition Team

Want expert programming that is progressive in nature and will peak you for the Open and Regionals?  This is the option for you.  This programming is not individually tailored but it will develop all the movements and energy systems of crossfit competition to their fullest - all your metcon, general conditioning, strength work, skill work, and more will be included in this program.  This is the program that PSC founder and crossfit competitor, Cam Birtwell, will be following this season, so you are guaranteed that it will be good!

  • Competition Team - includes a general YTP template, progress charts, and select opportunities for video analysis, within-group competition, and online coaching.  $150 per month, no minimum.  Zip an email to if you are interested in this option!

CONTACT US to discuss the development of your complete training system.

In-Person Coaching

This is a great option for those who are looking to fully develop the technical aspects of their training in order to maximize time spent, minimize injuries and boost performance benefits.  PSC offers a range of packages that can suit any athlete or fitness enthusiast's needs.

  • Single Session (~ 1 hour) - $100
  • 5 Sessions - $375
  • 10 Sessions - $600
CONTACT US to discuss rates for partner training

Consulting and Seminars

- Are you a coach or trainer for a team or CrossFit Affiliate? 
- Do you like to run your own programming but would like some new ideas or guidance?
- Is there a particular skill or fitness element that you are having trouble with?
- Is there a specific topic related to training that you and your training group would like to learn more about?

PSC can consult with you and help you develop training systems to employ with your athletes.  We can also evaluate your current program and look for areas of improvement, including on the spot or video coaching of movements that give you trouble.  This is a great option if you want to have control of your programming but are looking to gather as much information as possible to help design your training.

  • Phone/online/in-person consulting or coaching: General rate per hour - $100 

Seminars on various topics are also available for booking.  The rate per hour listed above applies to both the presentation time and the preparation time.  Most 60 minute presentations usually involve 1-3 hours of prep.  I have presented on numerous topics at conferences, in classrooms, and in crossfit gyms, including those listed below:

  • Theory of training
  • Planning and Periodization of Training
  • Avoiding Injury in CrossFit
  • Strength Training for Endurance Performance
  • Dryland Training for Swimming

If you have any questions about the offered services or would like to know more, please CONTACT US.