Thursday, 12 January 2012

Batman's Training Program

My friend and colleague Tyler recently forwarded me this training program performed by the Dark Knight.  It is a high volume and high weight program and not for the genetically average, but Bruce Wayne can afford to be a pro athlete given his millionaire status and given his physique, he’s definitely on the upper end of the genetic spectrum.  He’s also really got to be able to walk the walk day in and day out and truly may face some very unexpected and dangerous circumstances, so his training better be on point.
There’s definitely some crossfitty type stuff in there, including a 5-round Helen twice in the week.  I like that he balances his high intensity work with easier activities and some focused meditation – something that we all should be doing.  Those 30 min AM runs are reminiscent of Mikko Salo’s typical programming and will help his body recover and regenerate, along with providing some important aerobic adaptations.  The gymnastics work and combatives practice are a must, and his dedication to flexibility training is refreshing in an athlete of his strength and power… especially as he ages and begins to lose some of his youthful suppleness.
 If I was his strength coach, I’d add a few components though (assuming this is representative of his year-round training program):
·         There’s really no speed work (sprinting) in there and given that he may have to generate some decent forward momentum for a big leap off a building, I think that would be appropriate.  Also, I think the Joker is pretty spry, so you want to be able to close the gap quickly in order to punch him a few times.  I’d pop it in on the Tuesday morning after a solid warmup so that it is a couple days away either side from his Helen wods.
·         Instead of the second day of clean and jerks, I’d put some snatches in there.  Firstly this creates a bit of a different stimulus and secondly it’s way more impressive to flip some criminal up over your head in one movement than in two.  Given his C+J weights, Batman would likely be able to crush 8 x 3 at about 220+, which is pretty decent.
·         I’d like to see some obstacle course work in there… mixing in some horizontal rope traverses, ducking under/hopping over obstacles, and walking tightropes/balance beams.  Bruce has a lot of flexibility work in his program already so it would be nice to transfer that into fluid movement for stealthy approaches.  I’d put this in as an anaerobic interval circuit instead of the second Helen wod of the week.
·         Lastly, it would be really cool to see what his Filthy 50 or Fran time is… so he should switch up that Monday wod and rotate through some different challenges!
·         There are a couple other tweaks of course that could be made, including using odd objects and mixing up his strength work but I think the above would do wonders for his overall readiness.
Batman’s program represents something that is possible but not probable…  but then again if you’re a superhero then you should be able to defy common convention and as Tyler says "that's why he's the Batman."  Fair enough! 


  1. He'd need a once a month "Murph" too, given his suit of armor. It would be like his Baseline.

    1. haha yeah good point... I wonder how much that suit weighs? gotta be pretty solid considering its ballistic properties!