Friday, 30 March 2012

Sample Sessions

So I get the occasional email or question in the gym about training... more specifically, what the training of my athletes looks like and how my programs are constructed.  The questions typically come from crossfitters (inquisitive bunch) so I give them a bit of an idea of the fun that my crossfit athletes get to have on a regular basis.

The best way to describe the bulk of the training is a "crossfit by pieces" approach... meaning I identify the key abilities a crossfitter needs to have and then work them either seperately or in synergistic combos to achieve the desired effect.  As competition season (or the more important parts of the comp season) approaches, the training gets a bit more "crossfitty" but retains some of the principles of the "pieces" approach.

Since the athletes I coach pay for my programming, I don't think it's a great idea to share everything that I give them but I figure it won't hurt to put a few sample sessions out there for interested people.

Here's a three day block that is happening this week.  It is adjusted for each athlete depending on their needs but the general idea is the same.

Day 1 - Aerobic Power
Rowing or Deathbike (aka Airdyne):
3 min hard, 3 min rest.  15 min of - 30s hard, 30s easy.  3 min rest.  3 min hard.

Day 2 - Applied Strength
Snatch Balance - 5 x 3
Snatch Pulls - 4 x 2
Intervals - 5 power snatch (weight dependent on athlete), 7 hspu, 14 box jumps.  rest 3 min between rounds, 5 rounds total.  the last part was adapted from an OPT wod for Thursday of this week.

Day 3 - Anaerobic Capacity
Quick build to heavy C+J (10 min)
Intervals -
Quadskis - 3 heavy FSquat, 6 heavy smooth thrusters, 12 wallballs (up-weighted - 20lb girls, 25-30lb guys).  Rest 2 min, 5 rounds
Upper Bod - 15 sec ring dips, 15 sec pullups, 30sec rest x 4 x 2 (rest 5 min between groups of intervals).

So you can see two things clearly - 1. each day has a specific purpose, and 2. there's some really hard work in there!

Give one or three of those sessions a shot and send me an email or put up a comment to let me know how it went :)

keep fit and have fun


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