Thursday, 26 April 2012

Literal Power

Letters and words... truly a definitive part of human culture.

Quotes, phrases, and catchwords are everywhere, plucking at our thoughts, feelings, dreams.    
Slogans catch our eye through the simplicity of their message – they entice us to follow brands and trends or to follow dreams of “what could be”.
Words truly do have power... and if a particular arrangement of letters resonates with you, then you can grow more powerful from it.
I know a lot of good phrases – I’m a words guy.  Words and language are my game and exactingly accurate communication is the goal.
That being said, it’s taken a while for me to settle on my keystone word – the one that makes everything fit together.
I’ve found that word now.


The pursuit of something (or many things) with undying perseverance. 
The unwillingness to settle.
The desire to keep striving.
I like this word. 
It extends through all domains in my life: my search for continued physical performance, my desire to utilize my coaching talents to their fullest and enhance people’s lives, my need to create and nurture a strong and close-knit family.
It speaks of toughness, both physical and mental.
It is goal oriented in nature.
It implies a purposeful progress forward.
It is a good word.
That’s why you’ll begin to see “Relentless” increasingly and inextricably associated with Podium SC.  You’ll see it on my blog, on our training gear, on our letterhead, and, most importantly, in the attitudes and performance of our athletes.
If it resonates with you, join us and enjoy the progress.  If not, continue searching for that theme that defines your purpose and passion. 
Take hold of it and let it make you powerful.



  1. Relentless is a fantastic word!

    One of my mantras during ultra events is "RFP" - Relentless Forward Progress

    And there is a quote from Simon Whitfield" me, high level success is achieved through "the relentless pursuit of" that resonates soundly for me.

  2. Don, you would know!! Anyone who takes on those crazy runs like you do must have a relentless spirit... and hey if Simon says it, it's got to be good