Thursday, 8 December 2011

Canadian Endurance Training Conference

This weekend I'm traveling over to Vancouver to take in the Canadian Endurance Training Conference.  This is an awesome opportunity as there will be some extremely knowledgeable people in attendance, dispensing their techniques and programs to us lucky few.

Those who are familiar with the world of elite running will recognize the names Alberto Salazar,  Margo Jennings, and Canada's own Wynn Gmitroski (former coach of 800m runner Gary Reed). 

Not only will these coaches (and the sports scientists in attendance) be discussing their theories of training on a yearly basis, they will also be talking about multi-year athlete development using case studies of some very prolific runners.  Other topics include developing a strong and productive coach-athlete relationship, perspectives on interval training, and identifying and addressing structural issues in athletes.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend and will hopefully dispense some of the nuggets of the conference in a later blog.

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