Friday, 23 December 2011

Challenge of the Week

                 *good friend and awesome double under guy (260 continuous) Eric B

I figure posting daily training can get a bit tedious... especially since I record it twice elsewhere... so I thought I'd just put down a weekly challenge that I enjoyed over the prior week.

One thing that I really have fun doing in workouts is skill under fatigue and pressure.  In competition, placings are determined by the smallest margins so it is a great benefit to be able to lay down solid skills - quickly - when the occasion calls for it.

A little interval session I did with my friend Kyle to finish our workout fits that bill very well.  The skill I chose was double unders, which definitely can make or break a workout if you're not that proficient.  Here's what the workout looked like:

6 rounds, 40 second countdown timer each round.  Every successive round started on 2min - so you have 40sec of exercise followed by 1:20 of rest, for 6 total rounds.

In the 40 second window, we had to first complete 10 bar-facing burpees.  In the remaining time, it was max double unders - so the faster you did your burpees, the more time for doubles.

In the end, my fewest double unders was 25 and the most I got was 40 - this is working with about 15-17 seconds after the burpees.

Give it a shot and see what you get... the burps get challenging after a few sets and watch out for your face on the bar!


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